Based on reputation not just price!

Based on reputation not just price!

31 October 2019by KG Electrical

Money. It’s at the centre of how we make so many decisions. As a society we are always constantly looking for ways to save and smart spend however, it is imperative that this small saving does not cost you your safety.

There are numerous reasons as to why you shouldn’t pick your electrician based exclusively on price. Some reasons are more obvious than others and we’ve listed just a few examples that highlight the point.

Buy cheap buy twice! There’s always a real possibility the electrical works won’t be executed efficiently to the highest possible standard, which means you will need to pay another electrician to come in and salvage what the previous electrician has done in order to have your works completed and compliant.

It’s common for a cheaper electrician to use cheaper products; this doesn’t mean anything is wrong with the product, it means you may not be getting the better if not, the best materials available on the market. Ultimately resulting in your dream room not matching up to your vision.

A cheap electrician may or may not have the correct insurances to cover themselves or their workmanship. This could leave you in a nasty position should they cause damage whilst working.

At KG Electrical Contractors, we are contacted daily by customers who have been failed, let down and abandoned by their cheaper alternative. We see the distress that this can cause so we make it our mission to always advise and educate when selecting an electrician – and although they may be more expensive they will be people you can trust and rely upon, safe in the knowledge that your vision will be execute to the highest standard.

When choosing an electrician, it is ‘a must’ that you base your decision on their standard of work, qualifications and certifications to ensure you have absolute peace of mind about who is working on your home, project or business.

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