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Stay Toasty This Winter
2 November 2018

A routine heating test should be a standard part of anyone’s preparation for winter, especially for those who may be more vulnerable in the colder weather.

KG’s Gone Football Crazy
6 September 2018

KG Electricals’ sponsorship includes supplying the football kit for the players and to attend as many of the team’s games as possible.

Have you checked your smoke alarms recently?
10 July 2018

All smoke alarms should be checked monthly using the test button. What is the point of having one if you are not confident that it works?

Summertime and the lighting is easy…
13 May 2018

At this time of year, our thoughts turn to BBQ’s, garden parties and inviting friends round for dinner.

It’s official: People love electricians!
27 April 2017

I recently came across a survey about property services and how much property owners appreciate their work. It was quite revealing, and suggests that the age-old ‘sharp intake of breath and pained expression before delivering the damage’ image is history.

20 March 2017

KYLE THE INVENTOR...our MD & founder, Kyle. is pleased to introduce his latest invention, the Duoxim Arbor