Commercial Lighting Installation in St Albans

Need a professional and trustworthy team to take care of your commercial lighting? Look no further! At KG Electrical Contractors, we offer commercial lighting installation and repair in St Albans and surrounding areas. Our services include:

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Office lighting

We offer a comprehensive range of office lighting solutions, so whether you need an electrician to repair a bulb that’s on the blink, or a team to rewire your entire premises and install new lighting, we can help. Our office lighting services include:

  • Office lighting design. Our friendly team will help you plan your new lighting scheme to meet your business needs
  • Professional lighting installation. We’ll get the job done smoothly and safely, so you can carry on with business as usual
  • Lighting maintenance and repair. Call us if something goes wrong – our trustworthy service professionals will fix it for you
  • Compliance as standard. We’ll check that your lighting scheme complies with all the latest regulations

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    LED conversions

    Switching over to LED lighting makes good business sense. You will benefit from:

    • Significantly lower electricity bills
    • Superior energy efficiency
    • Brighter lighting
    • Reduced fire risk

    LED lighting also gives you more opportunities to customise your lighting to suit your environment – so you can create a healthier, happier workplace for your employees and a welcoming atmosphere for your customers. We’ll help you plan your new LED lighting scheme and our professional, friendly engineers will install your LED lights.

    Display lighting and sign lighting

    Getting your display lighting just right requires a finely balanced mixture of art and science. Luckily, our experienced display lighting specialists can help. We’ll work with you to showcase your products or exhibits for maximum impact. We can advise you on the best type of display lighting or sign lighting for your requirements, install your lighting with no fuss, and carry out speedy repairs, so the show can go on. Get in touch for help with:

    • Retail store displays
    • Exhibition lighting
    • Window display lighting
    • Commercial sign lighting
    • Cabinet lighting

    Lighting for workshops and warehouses

    In a workshop, warehouse or factory, your lighting is vital for safety and efficiency. From a simple repair to a complete upgrade of your warehouse lighting system our expert lighting engineers can help. We can help with:

    • Full warehouse lighting design and installation
    • Energy-efficient warehouse lighting and reduced energy costs
    • Expert lighting maintenance and repair

    Security lighting

    Security lighting is essential to protect your premises from crime. We can advise on a range of security lighting measures to keep your commercial premises safe and deter intruders. Talk to us about our professional security lighting installation, which includes:

    • Security lighting design
    • Outdoor lighting options including floodlights, car park lights and motion sensor lights
    • Professional installation
    • Maintenance and repair

    Emergency lighting

    Emergency lighting is a legal requirement for all commercial premises. We’ll ensure that you fulfil your legal responsibilities and keep your employees safe, with well-maintained emergency lighting. Our qualified electricians are available to:

    • Install and maintain emergency escape lighting and standby lighting
    • Keep your emergency lighting compliant and up to date, so you can rely on it when you need it

    Why choose KG Electrical Contractors for your commercial lighting installation?

    Our team of reliable, trustworthy and professional commercial electricians are experts in the industry with over 15 years of experience in commercial lighting installation. We strive to deliver a transparent, honest service and complete our work to the highest of standards.

    “KG have been extremely reliable and I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

    KG Electrical Contractors is the commercial lighting electrician you can trust. Contact us on 01727 741993 or email to discuss your requirements with our team.

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