Domestic Lighting in St Albans

Transform your home with professional lighting design from KG Electrical Contractors. Based in St Albans, we offer indoor and outdoor lighting solutions to homes in Hertfordshire and surrounding areas. We’ll work with you to design the right domestic lighting scheme for your home, and our skilled engineers will take care of the installation.

Why does lighting matter?

We all know that lighting is essential to help us see at night. But your choice of lighting can also be a powerful tool in influencing the mood and ambience of your home. The right lighting can:

  • Change the way you feel when you step inside a room, making you feel energised or relaxed
  • Draw the eye to particular areas of the home
  • Make a home feel more cosy or more spacious
  • Help you get things done more easily (for example, by shining a spotlight on a food preparation area)

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    Indoor domestic lighting

    We design bespoke lighting to complement your home. From opulent chandeliers to energy-efficient LED spotlights, we’ll work with you to devise a lighting scheme that flatters your interiors and makes your house feel like home. Lighting choices include:

    • LED lighting. A versatile and eco-friendly option suitable for every home
    • Spotlights and downlights. Helping you to cast new light on different areas
    • Feature lighting. Using accents and highlights to draw attention to a focal point
    • Ambient lighting. Creating the overall mood of your home
    • Chandeliers. For a grand statement that draws the eye.

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    Garden and driveway lighting

    The right lighting can transform your outdoor space. Enjoy summer nights in a beautifully lit garden, illuminate your driveway to avoid trips and falls, or install outdoor security lighting to protect your property from intruders. We offer a range of lighting options for gardens and driveways including:

    • Landscape lighting. Complements your garden features and makes the space look its best
    • Flood lights. Illuminate dark areas to keep you safe
    • Motion sensor lights. Help secure your property while saving energy

    Professional lighting design service

    Our skilled lighting designers can uplift the atmosphere of your home. With strategic use of highlights and shadows, we’ll create a bespoke lighting design that meets your needs, creating the ambience you want to achieve, in keeping with the character of your property. Our professional designers will use:

    • Layers of light. Creating nuanced highlights and lowlights
    • A variety of lighting controls. Choose from remote controls, dimmer switches and more
    • The right light for the space. Designing lighting to complement cosy nooks and open plan spaces; kitchens and bedrooms; driveways and patios.

    Why choose KG Electrical Contractors for your domestic lighting services?

    KG Electrical Contractors are experts in domestic lighting. We work throughout St Albans, Hertfordshire and beyond, offering reliable lighting design and installation.

    Lighting installation is a job for specialists, and you’re in safe hands with KG Electrical Contractors. Our highly skilled engineers will take care of everything. All of our team members are qualified electricians, trained to comply with all essential domestic lighting regulations. What’s more, we won’t get in your way. We pride ourselves on working quickly and efficiently, so we’ll get the job done as fast as we can and to the highest standard.

    Questions about domestic lighting for your home? Whatever your vision may be, we will bring it to light. Just contact our friendly team by calling 01727 741993 or emailing  and we’ll be happy to help.

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