Outdoor Lighting Electrician in St Albans

For every type of garden and driveway lighting, speak to our professional outdoor lighting consultants. We’ll help you to create and install a garden landscape lighting design that illuminates your space and shows it in its best light.

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Bespoke garden lighting for your home

Whatever the size or style of your garden, the right lighting will bring it to life. We’ll create a unique lightscape for your outdoor space, helping you to enjoy the garden late into the summer evenings, while also providing an impressive view from the house as you look out.

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    Our outdoor lighting electricians will:

    • Highlight key features in your garden. From trees and plants to water features and even architecture, our experienced lighting designers will pick out key elements of your garden to create an impressive ambience.
    • Create garden lighting that’s appropriate for your surroundings. An urban lawn has different lighting requirements from a country garden, so our lighting design always considers your particular environment (and your neighbours). From extensive grounds to bijou patios and courtyards, we can design the right lighting for every setting.
    • Adapt to the changing seasons. Garden plants are alive and dynamic, so they need a lighting scheme that looks good all year round. Our garden lighting design will adapt to the changing shape, size and character of your plants through the year.
    • Make your garden safe after dark. We’ll take care of practical considerations, marking out pathways and other key areas to avoid trips and falls.
    • Keep cables concealed. Wires and fittings will remain firmly behind the scenes, so the beauty of your garden is all that you see.
    • Guarantee the quality of your lights. Every item we use is manufactured to high standards, designed to withstand the elements and suitable for outdoor use.

    Driveway lighting design

    Good driveway lighting can create a great first impression and help keep your property secure.

    Choose our driveway lighting design service for:

    • Safety and security. Floodlighting and motion-sensitive lighting will keep you safe and put off unwanted visitors.
    • Kerb appeal. We will illuminate your building façade to provide a warm welcome for guests approaching your front door, and so that it looks good from the street.
    • A choice of different lighting types. Wall lights, path lights and ground lights are all useful elements to consider in your driveway lighting scheme.

    Why choose KG Electrical Consultants for your outdoor lighting?

    Our outdoor lighting electricians are experts at what they do and we’ll work with you to deliver the right lighting for you.

    We take pride in listening to our customers to make sure we know where you’re coming from and what you want from your outdoor lighting. From sketching out ideas to installing your new fittings, our reliable and friendly team put your needs first, every step of the way.

    With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, our certified electricians have a wealth of knowledge and expertise behind them and we strive to design and install your outdoor lighting to the highest standards.

    “Kyle seems to have a knack for employing great employees who not only know their stuff, that’s a given, but are also extremely personable and polite”


    For more information, get in touch with our friendly team by calling 01727741993 or emailing enquiries@kgec.co.uk and let us know how we can help.

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