Domestic Electrical Testing in St Albans

Are your electrics up to standard? Our team of electrical contractors will carry out domestic electrical testing to ensure the safety of your home. We offer thorough testing throughout the property so you can be 100% sure there are no hidden issues.

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Fixed wire testing (EICR)

Over time, electrical wiring systems in a home can deteriorate and become damaged and unsafe. Fixed wire testing, also known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR), is a thorough inspection by a qualified electrician, to check that electrical installations are safe and compliant with all regulations. It’s recommended that homeowners should have this check completed every 10 years or less.
Fixed wire testing involves electrical installations that are ‘part of the furniture’ in your home, such as:

• Main panels (the ‘switchboard’ for electrical circuits in your home)
• Distribution boards (dividing electricity into different circuits)
• Lights
• Plug sockets
• Air conditioning

It doesn’t include tests on appliances that are plugged in, such as toasters or fridges.

air conditioning that has had domestic electrical testing

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    EICR certification for landlords

    Legislation now states that all new tenancies must have a Satisfactory Electrical Installation Condition Report issued prior to a new tenancy taking place. Existing tenancies must have a Satisfactory report issued by April 2021.

    Our electricians will visit your property and carry out fixed wire testing. We’ll produce a report that details the condition of your electrics and any work that is required to bring the electrical installations up to standard.

    PAT testing

    In all homes there’s a danger of appliances becoming damaged over time, resulting in potential dangers and risk of fire. Our team provide a full portable appliance testing (PAT) service and will test everything in your home – from televisions and irons to computers and kettles – giving you complete peace of mind.

    During a PAT test, our engineers will check your appliances for signs of danger including:

    • Frayed wiring
    • Damaged casing
    • Damaged plugs

    We’ll also carry out in-depth checks on:

    • Earth continuity
    • Lead polarity
    • Insulation resistance

    On completion of the inspection, we provide a safety sticker for appliances that have passed the test.

    Emergency lighting

    Many homeowners do not consider the testing of emergency lighting for the home, as it’s usually only a requirement for commercial properties. But we recommend annual testing to ensure that everything is working as it should. As the name suggests, emergency lighting is needed if there’s a power cut and your usual lighting doesn’t work. So, it’s important to make sure this backup system is ready to spring into action at any time. Our engineers will:

    • Check that the emergency lighting comes on when power is cut to your usual domestic lighting
    • Leave the lights on for a period of hours to check the backup battery power
    • Check and certify compliance with all relevant legislation

    Why choose KG Electrical Contractors for your domestic electrical testing?

    We’re a professional, transparent and trustworthy team of fully qualified electrical contractors. You can rest assured that:

    • All our electricians hold Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) cards
    • We’re a NAPIT registered company (National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers)
    • We’re CHAS certified (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme)

    “The electricians carried out the work promptly, professionally and efficiently.”


    At KG Electrical Contractors, we offer domestic electrical testing to homes in St Albans and surrounding areas. Contact us on 01727 741 993 or email to book an EICR, PAT test or emergency light test for your home.

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