Prepare your business to invest in the electric car revolution!

Prepare your business to invest in the electric car revolution!

18 September 2018by KG Electrical

In the ever-evolving world of electrics, where do we begin… The demand for new electric vehicles (EVs) has grown over the past 4 years and will no doubt continue. Homes and business’ need to start preparing to evolve with the times too; so far this year 178,000 new electric cars have been registered in the UK and more charging points need adding to keep up with this demand.

There is huge potential for businesses that are ready to get ahead of the curve and invest in electric car charging points. EV drivers are always looking for locations that allow them access to car charging facilities, if you have a business that can offer them this service you will immediately have an edge over your competitors. As a company, you may already have employees and clients who own an electric car and fitting car charging points in your company car parks or waiting areas could be a huge selling point for your business.

Here at KG Electrical we understand that trying to keep up with the latest technological revolutions can be taxing, which is why our team of knowledgeable electricians are on hand to help you understand the entire process. We can also provide you and your team with training on how to use your new charging points to ensure a seamless integration into your business.

W offer a full 360 service including design, supply and commercial EV charger installation across all industries. We work with business clients of any size to provide a tailored car charging solution that meets your needs exactly. Get in touch today to find out more.

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