Extractor Fan Installation and Repair in St Albans

An efficient extractor fan will improve the ventilation of your home, to create a comfortable, healthier environment. Based in St Albans, our electricians offer extractor fan installation and repair to homes in Hertfordshire and the surrounding areas.

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Bathroom extractor fans

Bathroom extractor fans are extremely powerful, helping to limit mould growth and remove excess moisture from the air.  All bathroom extractor fans are low-energy, so they don’t cost much to run, and have back draught shutters to reduce the amount of cold air flowing into the room.

There are a number of options when choosing a bathroom extractor fan for your home:

  • Silent fans. These noise-free fans are useful if your usual extractor fan keeps you awake at night. They can also be a great choice for a peaceful soak in the tub
  • Timed fans. These can be programmed to stay on for a set period of time after your bathroom light is turned off. This can help to manage the moisture in the air, and prevent mould growth
  • Humidistat fans. This type of extractor fan has a sensor that can detect the humidity levels in the air. It can be automated so that your fan turns on when the humidity reaches a certain level

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    Kitchen extractor fans

    In the kitchen, extractor fans don’t just remove moisture: they’re also important for getting rid of smoke and cooking fumes, to maintain healthy air quality in your home. Kitchen extractor fans can be similar to bathroom extractor fans, or you may choose a cooker hood extractor fan for your oven.

    Here are some options to choose from:

    • Regular extractor fans. These are similar to bathroom extractor fans and work in the same way
    • Ducting cooker hoods. These work by extracting air from your kitchen and pumping it outside
    • Recirculating cooker hoods. These recirculate the air in your kitchen rather than moving it outside
    • Integrated cooker hoods. This is down to aesthetic preference! Integrated cooker hoods don’t stand out: they blend in with the décor of your kitchen
    • Chimney cooker hoods. These are very fashionable and make a statement centrepiece for your kitchen

    Extractor fan installation

    Extractor fans don’t have to be confined to the kitchen or bathroom. They can be installed in any room that has a problem with humidity, gases, or smoke. We provide a full extractor fan installation service, whether you require a completely new installation, or wish to replace your existing unit. We offer:

    • Professional extractor fan installation for kitchens, bathrooms and anywhere else they are needed in the home
    • Removal and replacement of old units
    • Advice and recommendations on which extractor fan is best for your needs

    Extractor fan repair

    A faulty extractor fan can mean a build-up of moisture or fumes in your home. You may notice a bad smell that could be caused by too much dust or grease. Our engineers will find the problem and fix it with no fuss. Our team can:

    • Investigate and repair faults with extractor fan parts or wiring
    • Replace broken extractor fan parts, such as your extractor fan motor, switch, timer or cooker hood light

    Why choose KG Electrical Contractors for your extractor fan installation and repair?

    The team at KG Electrical Contractors offer a fast and reliable extractor fan installation and repair service in St Albans and surrounding areas. All parts and labour are fully guaranteed, and we strive to deliver an outstanding service, giving you peace of mind that the job is in safe hands.

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    For extractor fan installation or repair, contact KG Electrical Contractors. Get in touch with our friendly team by calling 01727741993 or emailing enquiries@kgec.co.uk and let us know how we can help.

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