It’s getting darker sooner, so lighten up…

It’s getting darker sooner, so lighten up…

30 November 2016by kg-electrical

It will not have escaped your attention, I’m sure, that the evenings are drawing in, there is a distinct chill in the air, and there are rumours of Christmas on the High Street. We are now very much into ‘getting dark before 5pm’ territory and wrapping up a bit warmer before leaving the house – you might even be searching out your thermals.

Take action before it’s lights out!

One of the things that will be happening all over the UK, even as you read this, is that people will be switching on lights, heaters and other electricals (for the first time in eight months) only to find they don’t work. Often the mere act of sitting there, unused and gathering dust, is enough to cause a bulb or fuse to blow when it is asked to wake up. So, my advice at this time of the year is always the same: don’t wait until you need something before checking if it works – hit the switch today.

Be safe… always!

The ‘not used for ages’ blowout is one of the reasons fuses are put inside plugs and household appliances. Although these usually result in pretty harmless sparks, bangs, and pops it is always best to be absolutely certain. Nothing can make your entire house, and everything and everybody in it, safer than a tried, tested and well fitted RCD.

Just as it is sensible to be prepared for the darker evenings and the colder weather, before venturing outside; it is critical to be prepared to save a life! An RCD could do that for you and your family today, but ACT NOW because they can’t help you after the event.

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