It’s time to light up your garden!

It’s time to light up your garden!

6 March 2017by kg-electrical

The Christmas lights have all been taken down, the mornings are getting lighter and the evenings lingering longer. Spring is fast approaching (20th March to be exact), and before we know it, we’ll all be thinking about Summer Holidays once more. But stop for a moment and think ahead NOW…

Do you ever BBQ or party in the garden?

Maybe this year is a special birthday for someone in the family, or perhaps a New Year’s resolution was to run more socials around your house for friends. It could be that you simply enjoy spending those warmer, longer Summer evenings in the solitude and peacefulness of your secluded back garden. Whatever your thoughts concerning the garden, how about some stylish garden lighting designed and installed by a team that has won awards for doing just that?

Why are you telling my this now Kyle? In cold and dreary February?

As with anything else in your garden, you don’t always see the results of your labour straight away. Plants need time to grow; edging and weeding needs to settle before the full effect is seen, and watering is only as good as the frequency that it is deployed.

No – I’m not suggesting we plant some garden lights now in the hope that, with care and pruning, they will grow to full brightness by the Summer. Of course, not! But getting the plan and the installation in now before everything else starts to bloom, flower and spring into colour would stop the garden getting trampled down. That would, without a doubt, be a smart late Winter move and get you well and truly set up for an impressive outdoor party venue or secret garden retreat in a few months’ time.

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