It’s official: People love electricians!

It’s official: People love electricians!

27 April 2017by kg-electrical

I recently came across a survey about property services and how much property owners appreciate their work. It was quite revealing, and suggests that the age-old ‘sharp intake of breath and pained expression before delivering the damage’ image is history. Holding the top four ‘most likely to recommend’ slots were plumbers, decorators, builders and electricians… Don’t worry though, some reputations are sticking with tradition – estate agents were still the most unpopular.

You can see the full survey here.

Out of 1000 people surveyed 663 said they would recommend an electrician they had used themselves. This is, of course, an average so I thought I’d conduct my own little survey. Over the last week, we’ve been asking our customers if they would recommend us, and guess what?

Flying high above the average

So far, the response has been 100% and that should be no surprise. Just look at all the testimonials on our website. In fact, the vast majority of our work comes from recommendations and people telling their friends about the KG Electrical smiles and extra miles.

Let’s go deep for a moment

There is something else that this survey tells us though, and I believe it is something quite profound. Reputation and stereotypes are powerful things in every walk of life. It is said that people make a first impression within seconds and that initial opinion can last forever. But maybe those first impressions are actually formed even earlier than the first meeting… maybe, what other people say about you is the most powerful thing of all.

Now that is something to think about as you go through your day, today, and decide what lasting impression you want to leave with everyone you meet!

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