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There are few things which are nicer than getting recognition for what you have achieved. When it comes to charity, the joy is certainly in the giving. After completing a large project, the satisfaction of having delivered a result is fulfilling. Becoming a Dad was, without a doubt, the greatest experience of all.

The best things in life, do bring their own reward. But often it is getting recognition which puts the extra shine on all of the hard work, the long hours and the bold decisions that you’ve taken.

I’m so proud of the team!

On Thursday 13th October, KG Electrical won the 2016 Business Growth Award at the St Albans and District Chamber of Commerce, Community Business Awards. Yes, we have won awards before, mainly for our electrical design work: but this was different. This particular award was an acknowledgement in the wider business community that, as a team of tradesmen, we have achieved something a little bit special.

So I would like to thank my team for all their hard work and commitment to customer service ethics – as that is what makes the real difference for us. And I would also like to thank our customers for being so willing to pass on our name to their friends and colleagues. Without the power of customer referrals, we wouldn’t have enjoyed this sort of success.

Other factors and TWO BIG business lessons.

I started the business over five years ago as a one-man-band electrician just out to do a good job. My experience, to that point, was that most people were simply focused on getting the job done rather than creating satisfied customers. It wasn’t a business strategy as such (back then), but I just wasn’t happy unless my customers were.

As the business grew (organically at first, through customer referrals) and I took on other electricians, I slowly realised that this ‘service ethic’ made good business sense too. That is LESSON NUMBER ONE – your business will grow when you make your customers happy!

Maybe it is the rebellious spirit of my childhood coming out, or perhaps some of the bad practice I’d seen as an apprentice had provoked this reaction – but I was also determined that KG Electrical would be different. So, when I saw things that weren’t working, I decided to try and change them, or come up with something new.

For example – over the last two years I’ve been developing a new tool for electricians and other trades. It has been a long, exciting, and at times an overwhelming experience, but it is finally finished. A major tool retailer is just about to launch my new invention! So LESSON NUMBER TWO is to be different!

Thank you, St Albans Chamber of Commerce.

Please excuse this little indulgence into patting the team on the back with this award. I really am so proud of the achievement that I couldn’t help myself. But while I’m on the subject I would also like to thank the St Albans Chamber for all the good work they do in the area; the other nominees and winners across all the categories; and all our customers and the other businesses that supported us along the way. Thank you.

PS. Other things that were mentioned (perhaps this is business lesson number THREE) when we won the award were the drive and passion of the team, the bespoke CRM (Customer Relationship Management system) I developed, and the fact that we applied a very different approach to that of traditional electricians.

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