Stay Toasty This Winter

Stay Toasty This Winter

2 November 2018by KG Electrical

Summer has been lingering with some glorious autumn sunshine, and most of us will remember the summer of 2018 as one long heatwave. Between garden parties, Love Island and The World Cup you could be forgiven for forgetting about your homes heating system.

Whilst your storage heaters have understandably probably remained unused for the last six months, it pays to check it’s working now – before you really need it.

Once December rolls around, we are inundated with call out requests from customers whose heating system has failed them. Whether you have a storage heater, panel heater or an electric radiator, now is the time to check them! We’re set to have a white (and extremely cold!) Christmas this year and we want to prevent you from having a heating crisis before the turkey is on the table!

A routine heating test should be a standard part of anyone’s preparation for winter, especially for those who are a little older.

Getting this sorted out now means we have time to put right any faults we identify before you need to use your heating for the first time this winter.

So if you’re concerned your heaters may not be up to the job this Winter, give us a call today and make an appointment at your leisure. We can come at a time that’s convenient for you, and it shouldn’t take more than an hour.

We’ll then discuss any problems and chat through your options if anything is wrong, while you still have time to make any key decisions about new equipment and the life left in your existing systems.

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