Storage Heating

Storage heating is a great heat solution as it is quick and easy to install and can save you money. It can also save space, as there is no need to fit boilers, tanks and pipes.

What is a storage heater?

A storage heater is an electrical heater which stores thermal energy. It does this by heating up internal ceramic bricks during the night, when electricity is available at a lower cost. It then releases this heat during the day, to keep your home warm.

What are the benefits?

If you’re on a time-of-use electricity tariff such as Economy 7 or Economy 10, and you use electricity to heat your home, a storage heater could be helpful. You will pay a cheaper rate for energy use overnight (usually between 12am – 7am) so using storage heaters can help take advantage of these cheaper off-peak rates. The electricity supply will automatically turn on these heaters at night and the elements will heat the bricks up. This will then slowly disperse heat throughout the day.

Modern storage heaters are much more efficient and reliable than older designs, providing programmable scheduling, weather updates and auto-charging which makes them cheaper to run. Many models also have built-in thermostats and ‘fan-assist’ to help spread the heat around the space. Also look out for high-heat retention casing and ‘intelligent charge’.

Nowadays, they aren’t generally the most effective or flexible source of heating, but they are considered very economical. This is due to taking advantage off-peak electricity costs – helping to reduce the cost of heating your property.

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