Anne Marie
Operations support
Anne Marie

AnneMarie brings a wide variety of work experience, social interest, glitz, glamour and people skills to the KG Electrical family.

A working mum with an energetic, film-loving, Lego-building and PS4-playing son to keep her busy at home, she has seen her fair share of entertainment.

While frequenting live music events and making friends with the bands in her youth, Anne-Marie found herself setting up a Music Management company for several years. They even managed a few famous (some would say notorious) names, including local punk band, Lower Than Atlantis, back in the day.

From that role, she moved on to office manager in a theatre company and once ran a musical charity event for the Watford Peace Hospice that headlined another well-known local punk band – Gallows. That event raised over £3,500 for the charity. But if you think the leap from rock and theatre to operational support at KG Electrical is a large one, there are a few more things you need to know.

This busy lady has also worked for a large packaging company, became office manager for Wiltshire Farm Foods and has served in various other commercial roles.

Joining KG, however, has been an ideal fit at the perfect time for both AnneMarie and us, representing a close-to-home opportunity for her and bringing a wealth of experience to our growing business.

Anne Marie

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