18th Edition – why would you settle for anything less than certainty?

18th Edition – why would you settle for anything less than certainty?

1 August 2019by KG Electrical

When it comes to your safety there is only one gamble you should be willing to rely on. At KG electrical contractors we never risk your safety. That’s where The 18th Edition comes in.

What is the 18th Edition?

These are the most recent set of regulations put in place by the British Standards Institute 7671, to ensure that your electricians and builders are completing their work to a compliant standard that keeps you and your family safe. These regulations came in to force on 1st January 2019 and will be continuously updated and enhanced. It is the sole responsibility of your electrician to have passed and implement 18th Edition Rules and Regulations when carrying out electrical works.

How does it work?

The 18th Edition ensures your safety even if you are not fully aware of how!

When having work carried out by a qualified electrician, they will follow the regulations of The 18th Edition which will give you the reassurance that your electrics will be installed to the safest standard.

This edition is part of the electricians Continuing Professional Development; they are required to undertake and pass a course for each adaptation to the electrical British Standard. With the devastating Grenfell disaster, regulations have been enhanced to make certain that all your electrical installations are safe. So, always make sure your electrician has the qualifications and certificate to prove they’re compliant with The 18th Edition

Who does the 18th Edition apply to?

Every electrician should have this qualification; however, this is not always the case. More and more builders and electricians are carrying out works are not compliant with the 18th Edition and therefor, potentially not safe; this is mostly down to trying to save the cost of a qualified electrician.   Therefore, when deciding which company to go to and who to trust with your safety make sure you find an electrician or contractor with all the right and more importantly, the most recent credentials.

At KG Electrical Contractors we make it our top priority to ensure all safety regulations are met and up to date along with all relevant qualifications. Contact us today to find out more.

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