The Importance of Security Lighting

The Importance of Security Lighting

9 December 2020by KG Electrical

Recently, you may have seen an email or social media post from The Hertfordshire Constabulary and their neighbourhood watch initiative ‘OWL’ having been inundated over the last few months due to an increase in thefts and attempted thefts from homes and vehicles across the District.

Security for you and your property is an absolute must. The correct security lighting can help deter unwanted visitors during these longer nights and provide peace of mind for you and your family or business. 

Many people feel that by simply turning on the front door and garage lights, they are protecting their property, although lighting systems have progressed dramatically over recent years to help offer increased security.

The most popular type of security lighting is one with a built-in motion detector; whenever activity is detected in the vicinity of your home, you’ll know. They also have an adjustable timing facility built it.   

This has actually become a vitally important part in the prevention of many crimes because the intruder is unaware of any lighting whilst in the dark until they take one step too far, then they’re in the spotlight!

There’s a variety of outdoor lights that can illuminate the outside of your home. Your choice of lighting will depend on your home’s needs.

Here are a few popular security lighting options to consider:

Motion sensor outdoor lights – Designed with a motion sensor to detect any activity outside of your home and instantly shine a light on the person or object.

Floodlights – Designed to shine intense light in darker areas for outdoor events such as playing fields and are often motion activated.

Landscape lights – Fits discreetly into your home’s grass or landscaping to illuminate light for both security and added decor. These lights often have lower watts and lumens than floodlights.

Spotlights – Illuminates a direct light on a specified area when installed. Spotlights are often used to light up signs, doors and other hard-to-see areas at night.

For those who prefer a smart option for security lighting, lights and WiFi cameras use a combination of existing technology along with the newer stuff to give you more control and functions. The main thing they’ll use is your home WiFi. Connecting a WiFi security light / camera up to your home network lets you do all kinds of amazing things that will keep you and your property safe!

Combining an outdoor security light with WiFi camera is a great way to keep your space protected whilst on the go. Illuminating dark areas and having 24 hour CCTV on your property will give you peace of mind wherever you are.

So what can your smart home security system do?

Connect to your phone or tablet for easy control

Get real time video on a mobile device

See and hear what’s going on around your property

Record video to an SD card

Use 2-way audio to communicate with someone outside

Use your location so your light comes on before you get home

Detect motion and send you alerts real-time

When deciding if your home’s outdoor lighting is providing your family with the appropriate amount of security, it is a good idea to walk your property at night. By doing this, you can determine what areas may need more lighting and what type is necessary. Adding the appropriate lighting to other areas of your property will ensure you are stepping up protection for your family and home.

If you’d like more information about the choices of security lighting available to you, simply get in touch and let KG bring help you protect your space.

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