Under The Spotlight..

Under The Spotlight..

18 June 2020by KG Electrical

Operations manager Gabby O’Malley is first under the spotlight, who joined us 3 years ago this month.

Having joined KG initially as Kyle’s PA, Gabby’s rise through the ranks to Office Manager and then Operations Manager within her first year of being in the business was testament to her exceptional skills.

She hit the ground running, implementing robust procedures and processes along the way to enhance productivity and efficiency across the board; which of course has had a great financial impact for the business.  Gabby has revolutionised the company and is responsible for doubling turnover within the first year.

The owner of KG Electrical Contractors, Kyle Gamble had a few words to say:

“Gabby’s made an instant impact on the business and quite frankly, she hasn’t looked back. Her diligence and hard work has been phenomenal. She has totally transformed our back office operations”

“She’s taken the complete administrative aspect of the company away from me, which ultimately means I can focus more on developing the business. Before having Gabby in the team, I was working ridiculously long hours with no organisation and now, I’m able to spend more time with my son”

Prior to joining KG Electrical, Gabby held roles at a leading training provider and in both estate agency and recruitment, through this diverse background she has gained a wealth of experience, training and knowledge which  has enabled her to push through barriers and make such an impact in her current role.

Gabby has an exceptional skill set and dedication to the role, and her own personal development has led to her becoming so intrinsic to the KG team.

She has also provided invaluable mentoring support to junior members of the teams and her outstanding communication skills are pivotal in her varied and challenging role.

Being a young professional female in a predominantly male industry is not for the faint-hearted but Gabby has grasped the opportunity with both hands, smashed the expected stereotyping and is now responsible for making us one of the most progressive companies in the region, being nominated for numerous awards along the way. This tenacity, and her undisputed drive for growth has made her one to watch in the industry.

Kyle goes on to conclude “She did a complete overhaul of the company’s financial situation, as well as increasing productivity throughout the whole operation by implementing efficiency measures. These covered everything from process control to recruitment. No stone was left un-turned and the business improved as a result. I am sure that Gabby will continue to use her skills and methodical, yet insightful approach to push KG to the next level.  Without her, KG Electrical Contractors wouldn’t be the name it is today”


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