Our value in helping others succeed

Our value in helping others succeed

8 July 2020by KG Electrical

KG Electrical Contractors are delighted to announce that founder, Kyle Gamble, has recently been appointed Director of the St Albans Chamber of Commerce.

St Albans and District Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1907 to ‘further the interest of businesses in the area ensuring positive growth and development’. Over one hundred and twenty years later, the chamber are still committed to these objectives, providing a forum for business networking in St Albans and aiming to be a voice for our members.

We asked KG about this appointment and his insightful vision for the future;

Can you explain a little about the Chamber and your role?

I was honoured to be invited to join the board as a Director, not only as it recognises my own successes and achievements within the St Albans business community, but also gives me an opportunity to share my knowledge, experience and skills with the board and chamber members.

The Directors and I come from a very diverse range of industries, which is representative of the local business community and I am very excited at the direction and strategy the board have for growth and development.

I have been active within the chamber for many years. Since the infancy of my company, I have utilised the Chamber of commerce and its services. I know that as a young entrepreneur, the events, networking, mentoring and indeed, relationships that can be formed by Chamber of Commerce membership – is essential and cannot be under estimated.

KG Electrical has grown to be the go-to premium electrician in St Albans, the role of the chamber has changed for us, but we have continued to benefit from their support, via sponsorship’s, events, training and more.

As a Director, I work together with the board, the members and outside agencies to ensure that the growth and development continues. We have been forced to take a break from face to face meetings and events, but I am encouraged and delighted to see the amount of virtual engagement and support that we as a team have delivered through the unexpected challenge business is currently in.  This will continue alongside our more traditional face to face activities in the future.

One of our key priorities for the progression and development of the chamber is to actively engage with, support and further the businesses of young entrepreneurs. We have noticed an increase in memberships from start-up businesses and other young entrepreneurs; with the changes which are ahead due to the current environment, we envisage more start-ups, trade and technological businesses will need guidance, opportunities and mentoring the chamber are able to offer.

That is not to say that the existing members, some of whom are very long-standing and at the foundation of local business community will be overlooked,  it is by bringing the “young and old” together that we can share knowledge, experience and real potential for growth on both sides.

If you have been adversely impacted by Covid-19, and are considering taking your first steps towards running your own business, within a trade or other area, the Chamber of Commerce are able to provide you with information and links to assist you in moving forward. Working closely with STANTA and other agencies, we have the ability to work with you from the very start and assist you as you grow and succeed.

What are the plans for the future for the chamber?

The Chamber of Commerce is renowned for its expertise, vision and ability to work for the positive, both for our local community and the businesses within. I am looking forward to hosting a range of events that will showcase the brilliance and scope of our local businesses, their innovations and opportunities as the business community returns to a new normal.

I also am very excited at the links which the team and I are forging for the benefit of our members, there are some excellent conversations going on at the moment and whilst I am not able to tell all – I would encourage all members of the Chamber to keep an eye on their emails and briefings. We are in a fascinating time, which we could never have anticipated. Now is a prime opportunity to take advantage of the services of the Chamber. Business Development, training and the opportunity to find new sources of referrals, expertise and know-how are all available via the Chamber and I would encourage anyone who is not yet a member to get in touch to discuss the benefits of membership.

Where can I find out more?

More than happy to have an informal chat. We are a friendly approachable board of directors! Or you can see lots of details about the Chamber on the website.

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